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2014 Annual Report

Family CT Is Moving Forward


2013 Annual Report

A Better Life


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Newsletter Winter 2013

Giving during the holidays is a celebrated community event! Newsletter.Winter2013

2012 Annual Report

We have a new name! Click here to download the 2012 Annual Report.

2011 Annual Report

At Family CT, we witness acts of kindness every day. Click here to download the 2011 annual report

Newsy Letter May 2011

Guests at Family CT’s annual spring event on April 28th at the New Haven Country Club experienced the emotion, sincerity and truth of youth performance poetry by the state’s national poetry slam team, OneWord CT.

Click here to download the May 2011 Newsy Letter

2010 Annual Report

During a year of threatened state budget cuts to social services and increased demands for our child abuse prevention and family support programs, we gave hope and help to over 1,400 children and families for a life without abuse or violence.

Click here to download the 2010 annual report

2009 Annual Report

We asked. They answered. The voices of Family CT children are heard throughout this annual report reflecting our mission of making this world a safe, healthy and happy place for all children. We simply asked "What kind of world do you want to live in?"

Click here to download the 2009 annual report.

2008 Annual Report

This past year has brought about a paradigm shift in our thinking about child abuse. Our mission has been to prevent child abuse and neglect, but can we possibly consider ending child abuse? At our annual retreat, responses to this question were unanimous- YES, child abuse is preventable and YES, we can end child abuse. This is our vision.

Click here to download the 2008 annual report.

Winter 2009 Newsletter

The outpouring of giving from friends, civic and church groups and businesses made a difference to hundreds of children this holiday season.

Click here to download the Winter 2009 Newsletter.

Fall 2008 Newsletter

It's not everyday that the staff of Family CT see smiling faces everywhere they turn and hear parents and children laughing freely. This is what makes Family CT's annual Family Appreciation Day so special. It is a time for families to relax and enjoy each other's company. Children love to have their faces painted and compete in potato sack races. They create drawings at the arts & crafts table and get messy decorating cupcakes. It is a stress-free day that helps us recognize family strengths and reinforce positive parenting.

Click here to download the full Fall 2008 Newsletter.

Spring 2008 Newsletter

Hands are not for hitting and Words are not for hurting
Family CT’s Child Empowerment Groups are filled with strong, bright and resilient children. It is hard to imagine that they have witnessed and endured domestic violence and child abuse and neglect. This ten week group helps children heal from their histories of family violence through educational and therapeutic activities. The theme of the groups is “Hands are not for hitting and words are not for hurting.” The tree in the pictures to the right holds cut-outs of hands and lips that contain positive statements such as “hug mom”, “say I'm sorry”, “say I love you”, “help people”, and “tell a friend she looks pretty”. This tree served as a reminder to children in each session that hurtful and violent behaviors are not o.k. and there are many positive and safe ways to express their feelings.

Click here to download the full Spring 2008 Newsletter.

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